Story Time with Mistress Cynthia

Someone built me a throne. A long time ago and it was so much more special because a submissive had spent the time to build it. That wasn’t the only thing he had made for me and I loved every instrument of pain that he made and gave to me to use on him.

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The Florida Power Exchange

I attended The Florida Power Exchange this past weekend in Clearwater, Florida. It was a set up in a hotel, which I was pleasantly surprised the hotel allowed to be taken over by kinksters. It was a weekend filled with classes, demonstrations and suggestions.

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Distractions, Decisions and Pro Dommes.

I’ve been slacking. I know it, you know and shit, even my neighbors know it (my pool is green. yuk!) I am continually being disrupted and distracted by my kids, my job, my home and people in general. I’m ┬ánot complaining!!!! I’m only stating a fact. I’ve decided that making custom videos and Domming men online is my full-time job and I have got to get past the distractions or I will fail. Failure is not an option for me!

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The Submissive Experiment

I am dominant most of the time. I rule my household and my job with ease. I control everyone around me on a daily basis. About two years ago I decided that if I was going to be cuckolding my husband than I wanted someone who would play with me.

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A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

This past week we’ve been having some terrible weather. Its been raining non stop and we even had a Tropical Storm Warning on Monday. So what should a Domme and sub do when it’s pouring rain and all the kids are at the cinema watching the newest cartoon flick?

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The Trouble With Cuckolding

I don’t believe in monogamy. I believe that men and women were created to fuck as many as people as they possibly can. Now, I’m not advocating having unprotected sex but I’m not going to lie Continue reading “The Trouble With Cuckolding”